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2013-07-04 17:29:22
Utah Settlement Deadline and Closing

When buying home in Utah, the Settlement deadline is the last day the buyer and seller can sign their necessary documents needed for the real estate transaction.  This includes the buyer's loan documents, note and trust deed.  For the seller it includes the warranty deed and any other need documents.

However,  this is only settlement of the paperwork needed for that transaction in Utah.  The official transfer of monies and title (called closing or funding and recording) does not happen for 1-2 business days.  In turn, the new buyer does not get the keys until at least that time.  If a longer possession date was negotiated, then they get the keys then.

This is important so as to plan moving, cleaning and repairs for the new buyer.  It also is important for the seller to know when their possessions must be removed from the property and the house left in 'broom-clean' order.

A small amount of planning with the lender and the Utah real estate agents can make this transfer period very smooth and easy.  But, if the buyer and seller are on different pages when it comes to possession, then very smooth transactions can turn ugly.

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