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2014-02-05 15:50:14
Utah Condos, Houses and Townhomes, Oh My!

Finally, you are ready to buy a Utah home. You have you location, you have you price range, now you have to decide what to buy. When searching for a Utah home, it is important to know the pros and cons for buying either a house, a condo or a townhome.


Buying a house is like buying your own little castle. It is yours and you make the rules. Having said that, houses have lawn care and house maintenance that needs to be kept up. If the roof has a leak, it is your responsibility to repair it. If the driveway is cracking, then you need to help prevent it. There are responsibilities in own a Utah house.

However, the pluses are huge. Again it is yours and you can do whatever you want to do (legally). You do not have to share anything with anyone. If you want a garden, then you can have a garden. If you want a concrete backyard, then it is yours. House also tend to appreciate faster than condos and townhomes. They are also slightly easier to sell since they are more in demand.

House are often more money than condos and townhomes, but mostly because they are larger. If you are the type that like to rule your kingdom, then this may be for you.


Townhomes are a little different, almost like a mix of a condo and a house. They are often like small houses stuck to each others. There are sound walls between the neighbors, but you may still hear them.

Townhomes often have a small patio or backyard in the back. Most of the time, the HOA will maintain the back yard, well as the streets, the roofs, the landscaping or any other community amenities.

The HOA (Home Owner Association) has a monthly fee for providing community services, such as landscaping, insurances, possible pools or clubhouse. This fee is mandatory and must be paid. Otherwise the HOA can foreclose on the property. When a borrower is qualify for a loan on a townhome, the HOA is considered as part of the payment.

Benefits are most utilized for individuals that don't have a lot of time to take care of a house or maintain it. Or if the own enjoys a pool or clubhouse and not have to maintain it. If the buyers life style fits a town home, then this may be a good option.


Condos are usually smaller, less price and higher population density. However, this may be perfect for the price consciences buyer of a Utah first time home buyer. There is a HOA fee and amenities usually include a pool and clubhouse. Most have carport parking, but some include a garage.

Again, review the HOA to ensure that it is a good match to live in and that you would utilize the amenities.

Whatever the home you purchase, always make sure that it fits you. There are different homes for different people. Regardless of the type of Utah home purchase, please inspect and review any necessary documents to ensure that the purchase is a good one.

By Jerome Bennett - Realty Experts - 801-913-1385



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