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  • Credit Score Analyzer

    Often when our credit scores are lower than we like, we often ask “how can I fix it?”  That can be a tough question to go at alone. Usually what happens is you start paying off debt one at a time until everything is paid off. But this can take quite a while and if we are wanting to purchase a home then it is hard to see prices or interest rates keep going up each month.
    So what can help is to have a mortgage lender analyze your credit through a computer program and predict where your score will go if you pay down X dollars on any particular credit card.  This helps create a plan of what should be paid down first and where you can get the highest increase in your score for the smallest amount of money.

    Now is it is always good to pay off all your debt.  But don’t let that slow you down when you are trying to purchase a home. If you wait for everything to be gone before you buy, then you may never buy.
    For more questions and how to start the process schedule a free 10-minute call to find out how to start and what programs are available.  There is no harm in trying and if anything, you will at least get a plan of what to do to eventually own a home.

    So schedule today and find out what you need to do to own your home.

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