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  • Utah Housing First Home Program

    If you are looking to buy a home and don’t have money for a down payment, then consider Utah Housing First Home. This program is meant for First Time Home Buyers. However, this doesn't just include first time buyers, but it also included anyone who has not purchased or owned in the last three years.
    Best part about Utah Housing, is they do not require a down payment. First home starts with a FHA loan and the 3.5% that is required on an FHA loan is lent by Utah Housing, so you don’t have to bring in a down payment.
    Utah housing was started in 1975 and is dedicated in helping families buy a home. In order for a lender to help you with this loan, they must be a participating lender with the state.
    For more questions and how to start the process schedule a free 10-minute call to find out how to start and what programs are available. There is no harm in trying and if anything, you will at least get a plan of what to do to eventually own a home.
    So schedule today and find out what you need to do to own your home.

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