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  • Utah Housing Score Program

    If you are looking to buy a home and don’t have money for a down payment and your credit score is not the best,then check out Utah Housing’s Score Program. This program allows you to purchase a home with NO money down and your credit can be 620 or better.
    Make sure to check with a lender on the qualifications. The Score programs does have lower debt to income ratios and that can lower how much you are qualified for.  Also, it will be important to have the seller pay enough closing costs towards the loan, since it does let as much to be rolled into the loan.
    Utah housing was started in 1975 and is dedicated in helping families buy a home. In order for a lender to help you with this loan, they must be a participating lender with the state.
    For more questions and how to start the process schedule a free 10-minute call to find out how to start and what programs are available. There is no harm in trying and if anything, you will at least get a plan of what to do to eventually own a home.

    So schedule today and find out what you need to do to own your home.

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